Les Rossignols d'Ancheyra

Guide to accessibility in the Dordogne for our guests

Les Rossignols d'Ancheyra

This site has been developed to accompany our main site www.ancheyra.com.
It gives you further information regarding accessibility in the local area and throughout the Dordogne and its surrounding areas.
My main intention here is to give a personalised view mainly on accessibility issues, there are already many good tourist information websites, for example the excellent Dordogne Travel Guide, found on http://www.northofthedordogne.com/.

So I will try to avoid duplication and instead give you links to other sites including, where appropriate, the official Office de Tourisme sites.

Our Guide.
In our guide, we've tried to confirm accessibility details for restaurants and other site entries.
Unfortunately, the general rule of thumb is if in doubt, ask but assume the worst.
We have spent the last few years trying to seek out accessible tourist sites, activities and restaurants, this has not been easy but our search continues.
What makes our and your task more difficult is that information regarding accessibility is very hit and miss.
It is and probably always will be incomplete as our investigations continue and (hopefully) more information becomes available to us.
If you find some information regarding sites that are accessible that aren't listed here, we would be grateful if you let us know, perhaps by using the contact page on this website.


France is attempting to haul itself into the 20th (never mind the 21st) century regarding accessibility.
In short, the new legislation means that all new buildings that are “open to the public” should be accessible.
By 2011, existing buildings should have provided detailed plans for the provision of access and by 2015, i.e. now, this work should have been completed.

The Label

On some buildings, you may see this blue square, divided into 4 quarters, representing physical, mental, aural and visual disability.
This is currently a voluntary scheme whereby organisations such as tourist sites can advertise their accessibility.
Basically, if the symbols are displayed as above, provisions exist within the site and if any of the four are “blanked out”, there are no provisions for that particular disability.

Although the label is helpful, it can also be a little misleading.

An example is the Grotte de Villars; the caves themselves may not be accessible, but the car park, café, toilets and even the introductory video are, yet the “physical” section of the label is blanked. This means that parties will expect there to be no accessibility whatsoever, which is not true.
In other words, it is always worth checking such sites.
For further information, please click on the label, which will take you to the official French organisation “Tourisme & Handicaps” website.
On the menu on the left-hand side of their site (which is in French only by the way), “Label Tourisme et Handicap” gives specific information regarding the label.